Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl


You can always count on salmon to fuel you through any kind of day. In this bowl, roasted wild Skuna Bay salmon is served atop kimchi rice, marinated cabbage with green onions. And the sweet ginger tamari sauce on the side adds delicious umami to the meal. -Sam M


Minimum order of 5

Serves 1    | Made Without Gluten | Dairy Free

 Contains fish, soy



For smaller orders, you can order in quantities of 1 the day of from our markets for pickup or delivery here.

Wild Alaskan salmon, rice, green & savoy cabbage, lemon juice, kombu [seaweed], kale, carrot, kimchi (napa cabbage, yellow and green onion, chili flake, garlic, salt, ginger, sugar), sesame oil, mirin, garlic, sugar, ginger, carrot, onion, togarashi
Salmon Teriyaki Rice Bowl

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