Japanese Bento Platter


Bi-Rite's ode to traditional Japanese meals.  Slow-baked unagi glazed salmon, hard boiled eggs garnished with togarashi & sesame, cucumber & dashi carrot sushi rolls, roasted sweet potato & kale salad, pickled fennel & edamame tossed in sesame oil 


Served with Sriracha aioli, tamari, and wasabi


Serves 12-15

Salmon: wild salmon, tamari, mirin, brown sugar, honey, scallions Sushi Roll: sushi rice, cucumber, dashi carrots, tamari, sugar, Sweet Potato & Kale Salad: Sweet potato, kale, black sesame, cilantro, rice bran oil, salt, coconut milk, miso, ginger,
Japanese Bento Platter

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